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Mohamed Hersi, based in Minneapolis, is a talented individual who excels in both painting and clothing design. His clothing brand, "Original Royal Refugee," serves as a powerful expression of his life experiences and resonates not only with the Somali community but with people from diverse cultures worldwide.

Being a Somali American who grew up in India, Hersi's artistic work is deeply influenced by his unique cultural background, a factor that continues to shape his creations to this very day. He fondly recalls his childhood days in New Delhi, where he wandered through bustling streets, absorbing the marvels of the city.


This sense of "drifting" serves as a profound inspiration for him to weave stories, both his own and those of the people who have profoundly impacted his life. As an artist, his ultimate goal is to share his experiences and struggles, connecting with individuals who wear his clothing or admire his paintings.

An annual event named "10/10" marks Hersi's calendar every October 10th. During this exhibit, he showcases his paintings that depict moments and emotions that have deeply moved him throughout the year.

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