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Titled: 10.10.13

Date: October 10, 2013

Minneapolis, Mn 


ART EXHIBIT 10.10.13 

Mohamed Hersi's first solo exhibit. 

After spending years "drifting" alongside "Abdul" Brethren, Mohamed was determined that the time to finally share his work with the world was now. Despite not having the required $700 deposit to secure the venue, they somehow managed to finesse the owner minutes before the show. Mohamed convinced the owner to take one of the main center piece paintings for the show as collateral. Mohamed didn't care, as long as the show went on they would deal with everything after the show. They never came back to collect the painting, simply they didn't have anywhere to store the pieces. A buyer reached out to Mohamed wanting to buy that specific painting a few weeks after his showing & offered to pay 18k. The venue owner refused and threatened to sue. 

Nonetheless the mark of 10.10 was born and ever since that day Mohamed Hersi has hosted this annual exhibit on that same date; 10.10.____. 

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